Sunday, October 26, 2008

New School - Amazing memories

Creating new memories...

Making new friends...

  We started a new school this year. It was the best thing I ever did for my kids. This school is amazing. They really allow the kids to have a enjoyable school year. 

They have a garden that they grow edible crops. They created a harvest festival around the garden. All the grades create a scarecrow to represent a topic they are learning. Then they bring the scarecrows into the garden. They then put pumpkins in the garden , enough for the whole school to go pumpkin picking. 

That same week they have there Halloween party. It is a fund raiser for the school. It was sold out early this year. I understand why. The kids had a blast. They set up games for the younger kids to play . They have a haunted tunnel . They had a DJ, playing all the kids favorites. 

I am grateful that my kids can experience a great school and create amazing memories.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bahamas is a great place to take the kids

I took my kids to the Bahamas. We stayed 5 nights 6 days. It was the most incredible time.  We stayed at the Atlantis resort. It is extremely a child friendly vacation spot. 

I had gone there for a conference. During the hours I need to spend at the conference I was able to put the kids in a camp. It was hard for me at first. I never had left my children in a foriegn place with out me. I am very protective of my children. Well , My kids loved it. They were great with the kids. They couldn't wait to go back the next day. 
They went on adventures .They even took them to the pool. The play ground in the water was the kids favorite part. Every 5 minutes or so the big bucket will tip over and splash down on everybody.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

How do you teach kids to eat well... You let them cook with you

People ask me all the time , How do you get your kids to eat so healthy. There are many reasons why my kids eat the way they do.I give them healthy choices:

When you give them healthy choices you leave them not much of a choice . I do not keep junk in the house. By junk I mean HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP!  My kids understand if that is a ingredient in there food it can't possibly be healthy. A lot of chips have MSG in it as well. As I recall there is nothing healthy about MSG either. 

  • I teach them to make healthy choices:
  It is just as important to teach them to eat healthy , I need to teach them to also make healthy choices when they are out. I have given my children the ability to understand to have something unhealthy once in awhile is okay. So when they are out to not make themselves so crazy. Sure they will pick juice over water , but they will never pick soda over juice. 
  • I do not allow them to drink SODA! :
Soda is like a poison to children. There is nothing good about it. There is not a thing that is nutritious about soda. So why even introduce it to a child at a Young  age. If you are one of those parents that have already got there child hooked , there are healthy alternatives of soda at the health food store.

  • Let them help you cook:

This will show them hands on the importance of what you put in your body. You are what you eat. It is great too for picky eaters. When they are cooking the meal they are more likely to eat it.  It makes a nice time to bond as well.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

New York Aquarium

We had a amazing day at the New York Aquarium . We saw sting rays and sharks. We watched as the walrus was fed. We showed up in time for the last show in the Aqua theatre. That is where they teach you a little about how to help the wild life.  And the Sea lions preform for us.

The kids love going there, After we walk on the board walk. We head down to Nathans . The kids ask if this is the same Nathan's that has the hot dog eating contest . The contest that we watch every 4Th of July. With pleasure I tell them yes.