Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back to school

Going back to school can be an adjustment for many children . In our house we call it Sunday syndrome . Been home for the long weekend or school holidays and don't want to go back to school . It is that feeling you get in your stomach when you start something new.  
There are plenty of things you can do to make starting school easier on your child. I put together a few. 
  • A week before school starts get them into the school routine . 
  1. Start implementing the school bedtime . 
  2. Have them fresh in up on school basics . 
  3. Have your school supplies put together and labeled. 
  • If your child is young : 
  1.  Put a picture of you and them in there book bag. Reassure them that you are always there and you love them . 
  2. Write them little notes in there lunch . You'd be surprised how it helps them get through the day . 
  3. Send the teacher a little note on the first day of school . Introduce yourself and tell a little about your child. Then you can reassure your child that the teacher knows special things about them . They become more comfortable with the teacher. 
  • Take them to play at the school yard . A lot of times there are other children from the same school playing . Get them reacquainted . 
  1. Find out who is in there class . 
  2. Possibly set up a play date with a child entering the same school in the same class .