Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back to school

Going back to school can be an adjustment for many children . In our house we call it Sunday syndrome . Been home for the long weekend or school holidays and don't want to go back to school . It is that feeling you get in your stomach when you start something new.  
There are plenty of things you can do to make starting school easier on your child. I put together a few. 
  • A week before school starts get them into the school routine . 
  1. Start implementing the school bedtime . 
  2. Have them fresh in up on school basics . 
  3. Have your school supplies put together and labeled. 
  • If your child is young : 
  1.  Put a picture of you and them in there book bag. Reassure them that you are always there and you love them . 
  2. Write them little notes in there lunch . You'd be surprised how it helps them get through the day . 
  3. Send the teacher a little note on the first day of school . Introduce yourself and tell a little about your child. Then you can reassure your child that the teacher knows special things about them . They become more comfortable with the teacher. 
  • Take them to play at the school yard . A lot of times there are other children from the same school playing . Get them reacquainted . 
  1. Find out who is in there class . 
  2. Possibly set up a play date with a child entering the same school in the same class .

Sunday, June 28, 2009

"How To Make EVERY Day Saturday... For Life!

 Sam Crowley thought he was following the "American Dream."

An ex-stuttering college dropout, Sam worked his way up to a corner office at a Fortune 100 company.

With a six-figure salary and all the perks, he was supposed to be content... but he was secretly MISERABLE.

Sam arrived home late every night, giving his best at work while his family got leftovers.

Like so many people in the corporate world, his American Dream had turned into a nightmare!

One night, Sam's daughter Madeline uttered 4 innocent words that stopped him in his tracks and changed the course of his family's life forever...

Arriving home late (again), Sam went upstairs to find his 3 year-old daughter already in bed.

She asked him, "Daddy, is tomorrow Saturday?"

Saturday was the only day Sam had time to spend with his family- the only day he could be a real father.

** Every Day Is Saturday Is Born **

That night, Sam decided that someday soon, every day would be Saturday.

He realized that his ultimate goal was to be a great father for his children.

Sam managed to quit his job and start his own business that allows hi the "Ultimate Saturday Lifestyle" as an international motivational speaker and business coach.

In short order, Sam was able to...

- Go from speaking for free to getting paid $25,000 per keynote address

- Quit his job and spend more time with his 3 young daughters

- Start a motivational podcast that is now downloaded by 30,000 loyal subscribers in over 100 countries around the world

- And much, much more all based on nothing but the power of his dream!

And it's not just Sam who is making a massive transition- just look at what his students have accomplished:

- Dustin Salisbury, a 24 year-old senior airman in the US Air Force, used Sam's message to conquer fear and adversity while deployed in Iraq

- Brian McElroy produced his first documentary film and helped raise over $100,000 for charity with Sam's guidance

- Dino Herbert was motivated by Sam to take action and truly live the life he wanted as a speaker, trainer, and author

** Six Days To Saturday **

While Sam was going through his own transition, and then started helping others reach their Saturday, he documented each step of the process.

He knew it would become an invaluable blueprint for anyone with a dream to make their own Saturday a reality.

The result is "Six Days To Saturday," the first-ever audio series dedicated to helping you go from Monday to Saturday!

In six digitally mastered audio CDs (and an accompanying workbook), Sam takes you through each step of the process:

Monday - Feel The Pain And Write Your Future

Tuesday - Preparing For Success

Wednesday - The Time For Action!

Thursday - Failure Is A Verb, Not A Noun

Friday - Commitment & Persistence

Saturday - You Are A Champion!

No matter what your Saturday may be, Sam's message is POWERFUL.

If you want to spend more time with family, make a bigger contribution to others, and bring your life to a whole new level, then Sam's message is for you.

You can learn more about "Six Days To Saturday" and request a free copy of Sam's powerful report "Seize Your Saturday Power!" athttps://friday.infusionsoft.com/go/signup/Dana

Go there now and make EVERY day Saturday!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Mother's Day Vs. Father's Day

Mother's Day Vs. Father's Day 

Which is a better holiday, Mother's Day or Father's

Day? Let's compare the behavior of the typical mom

and the typical dad on these two holidays.

Let's start with Mother's day . The kids are preparing cards and gifts. The typical husband is waiting till the last minute to decided on what to do . Do I buy flowers ? Is a card enough ? Do I even know what my wife really wants ? Saturday comes and his is running around "Trying " To figure out a last minute great gift. Sunday morning he manages to pull it off ! 

Father's day ... The typical wife has the kids thinking about Father's day the moment Mother's day ended. She has purchased cards from everybody in the house ( including the DOG ) . She had already picked up the perfect gift . Knowing exactly what he has had his eye on . She debates to have the kids make gifts or let them pick one out . Sunday morning Dad sleeps in and the Kids arrive with breakfast in bed . 

Why did this tradition of these holidays begin anyway ? 

Father's Day is believed to have been held on July 5, 1908 in a church located in Fairmont West Virginia , by Dr. Robert Webb of West Virginia at the Central United Methodist Church of Fairmont. Mrs. Sonora Smart Dodd of Washington thought independently of the holiday one Sunday in 1909 while listening to a Mother's Day sermon at the Central Methodist Episcopal Church at Spokane, and she arranged a tribute for her father in June 19, 1910. She was the first to solicit the idea of having an official Father's Day observance to honor all fathers . It took many years for Father's Day to become a official holiday . It wasn't till a bill was introduced in 1913 , US President Calvin Coolidge supported the idea in 1924 . By 1930 a national committee was formed . 

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My little World Travelers

Parkour was in Acapulco , Mexico at the liberty conference that I attended . They are a group of amazing people that help you let go of your fears . They had my kids join in the activities . They stepped up and inspired people around them . I watched my child climb walls and never give up till they were successful.

I could have never imagined a year ago I would have taken my children to the Bahamas and then a few months later head off to Acapulco , Mexico.  They are my little world travelers. I am in such gratitude that my children will be able to see the world . 

Monday, February 2, 2009

Ground Hog Day

It is Ground Hog Day. And the results are in 6 more weeks of winter !
Maybe we might just get a snow storm we can sled in .

Thursday, January 8, 2009



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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Law of Attraction

How many of you have read or seen the "The Secret"? 

After reading that book I knew my life would never be the same again. As a long time student of personal development I have been searching for a way to really discover who and what I am supposed to be. When I really had a better understanding for the Law of Attraction and how it works my life started changing before my eyes. 

I stumbled upon this company that uses the concept of The Secret in there home study course. I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. It cost me a investment of $1495. I have to say that was the best investment in myself I had ever made. I am not sure what direction in life i would have taken If I didn't at least taken a chance on myself. 
Boy I am truly grateful I know what I am capable of. I am now creating a life of financial freedom and spending time with multi 6 figure income earners. Looking back 6 months ago , I could have never foreseen that to be happening in my life. 

Tomorrow on Oprah  Michael Beckwith from "The Secret"