Sunday, June 29, 2008

Top Ten Ways To Teach Your Kids to be Eco-Friendly

It is very important to me for my kids to understand what it means to be an environmentalist. First i will inform them the true definition. Which is: 1 : an advocate of environmentalism
2 : one concerned about environmental quality especially of the human environment with respect to the control of pollution.

Now that we know what it means , We need to teach them how to be this.
So i have put together a list of 10 Ways to Teach your Kids to be Eco-Friendly
  1. Lead by example. If you do it your kids will follow.
  2. Recycle in your home . Make a easy area where the kids can do it themselves.
  3. Try not to throw out everything . Example: toys, old computer, clothes & movies. Some one's trash is another one's treasure.
  4. Reuse - example : unfinished notebooks from school can make great scrap paper
  5. Shop at used item stores & garage sales .
  6. Use less paper products : paper napkins & paper towels .
  7. Instead of bottled water use a reusable water bottle.
  8. Use a good Tupperware instead of wrapping your food in foil or plastic wrap.
  9. Always put your trash in the garbage .
  10. Read labels and make sure that the product you buy are Eco -friendly.
If you show and teach your children these ideas they can help save the earth.They also will have a sense of what it is like to make a difference. My kids are very environmentally aware . They don't understand why we are all not environmentally aware. I tell them never throw your garbage on the floor . The earth is our home and our house is just our room on the earth. Then I ask them : Would you throw garbage on the floor in your room?


Saturday, June 28, 2008

Kleen Kanteen is a Great Reusable Bottle

I am big on being environmentally friendly. I live in Queens, NY and really do not feel safe drinking water out of my tap. We used to by bottled water from bj's. Then i realized how much plastic i was using. I looked into reusable bottles. I researched for a week. I wanted a product that i know my water won't take on the taste. I drink filtered water. I wanted to have a crisp taste to the water. I didn't want to have an after taste.

Kleen Kanteen is a Great Reusable Product.

I came across . They have an amazing selection of eco-friendly products. I ordered four of the Kleen Kanteen 18oz bottles. There is no after taste. It is easy to clean. You can put anything from water to coffee.I
was so pleased i told all of my eco-friendly friends The next thing you know we are all walking around with our Kleen Kanteen bottles in there cool colored sleeves.

It is perfect for me when i do my lemon cleansing . I fill two of the bottles and i am good to go for the day. With the sleeve on it , it remains cold for a very long time. I am so very pleased with this product. I think it is a great gift to give.

My kids love them too. They come in all sizes. Even for toddlers. They have sleeves to fit every size bottle.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Back to The Mega Bloks

So , Here i am at
Toys R Us again rewarding my kids for there excellence in school this year. Can you believe what i came across . Mega Bloks Plasmaverse Insects. I brought it to the attention of the store that there is a curse word on the background display. The toy is a Toys R Us exclusive. They immediately took the remaining toys off the shelf.

They too where just as surprised as I was to see the curse word. The curse is on the guys shirt in the background.

They were even more surprised to find out that I had spoken to the company and that the company didn't pull the toy from the store. So were the other parents on line . They couldn't believe it to find out that there would be a curse and that they company didn't pull the toy.
You 'd think that
Mega Block would be more responsible.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Home Schooling During Summer Vacation

It is very important to continue education during the summer. Most children lose a large percentage of what they have learned during the school year if not instilled during the summer. I have always done Home Schooling During Summer Vacation.

Home schooling in the summer
makes the school year easier for the kids.

My children learn at home and instill at school. I listen to plenty of parents complain that their child hasn't learned anything. Or that they are really unhappy with the teacher. For the past five years the same parents complain year after year. They ask me over and over "What do you think of the teacher?"

For five years my kids have had amazing teachers. I don't get it. My kids learn plenty in school.

Today was the last day of school. My children received amazing grades. I was so proud of my daughter especially. She had to deal with unruly children. She had distractions throughout the whole school year. She still rose up and excelled in school.

I believe it has a lot to do with the fact that i teach them at home. I don't leave it up to the school system to teach my children. That is my job. I would home school them all year long but I feel it is important to socialize them as well. I want the to get exposure to other cultures. More importantly I want others to be exposed to them.

We don't jump right into it. We take a week off and sleep late and relax. Then we get down to business. I make the summer a fun learning experience, zoos, Museums & Field trips to the parks. They do summer reading. We touch on math, science and practice our handwriting.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Top 10 Ways to Excel as a Parent

People complement me all the time on what a great mother I am. I was born with motherly instincts. Some people are and some of aren't. That is Okay. We are all human and are capable of learning. I am going to list the Top 10 Ways to Excel as a Parent.

  1. Take care of yourself
  2. Remember you didn't learn everything overnight and neither will they
  3. Have patience
  4. Bend down and talk to them face to face
  5. Take the time to explain why
  6. Lead by example
  7. Instill manners and morals
  8. Teach respect
  9. Practice discipline {not the physical type}
  10. Love them unconditionally
I myself use these Top Ten Ways to Excel as a Parent everyday. I have two of the most understanding , caring and kind children around. They make me proud. They didn't get that way by themselves. Children have to be taught behaviors . They look to you to teach them. Don't fail your children .

Mega Bloks Plasmaverse Insects FAIL

My son finished kindergarten June,12th. We are all so proud. My mother had given him a gift card to Toys R Us.... Boy was he excited!

So... right after the ceremony we headed to the store. He walked around the store for about a half hour. Then he came across Mega Bloks Plasmaverse Insects. It was much more than what the gift card was for. Grammie tells him she'll get it for him anyway. Well, he was so excited!

We get home and he can't wait to put it together. It took my husband about 2 hours to get this together. While he is putting it together we realize that the background has a CURSE WORD on it. I couldn't believe my eyes!! My son can read and although he wouldn't know the word or meaning he would ask if he saw it.

I call Mega Block it took them a few days of phone tag to reach me. I was very pleased by how serious they took this. They are going to change the packaging. I couldn't have been happier. They offered to send my son a plasma dragon. That was another toy he wanted that day. I expressed my gratitude and excitement that he would receive this toy.

OK, It is almost two weeks later and no toy!! I don't get it . A big toy company, like Mega Bloks should take that long to ship a toy. I am grateful I haven't told my son about it. I was leaving it as a surprise. You know kids they will hound you everyday to check the mail. Is it here yet? I have to tell you, that is how I feel too.

I hope that Mega Bloks proves me wrong.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Quality Time with Your Kids

There is nothing more important in life when you are a parent then being there for your children. Quality Time with Your Kids is irreplaceable.

If you think back...what stands out in your memories of your childhood the good or the bad? For me I always was able to reflect to the bad quicker than the good. I wanted different for my children.

They only way I would be able to make that happen for my children is to create the most amazing memories. Give them life in abundance. Trying to spend as many happy memories a we can with them. My kids love doing everything with us including food shopping. Most parents would rather do even that without their children. I look at it as more of an adventure,than a chore.

Even on our anniversary we took the kids with us for dinner. For us we weren't just celebrating our marriage together. We are celebrating our life together as a family.

Just remember when you create so many good memories they won't have the time to reflect on the bad. When I took on the role of being a parent I promised myself I will protect my children from harms way. That was including any harm I may cause them during my learning curve of growing into the type of parent I want to be.

I am pretty happy with the type of parent I am, but I do have the knowledge to know that I can always be better.

What kind of
Quality Time do you spend with Your Kids?

Picture From last nights Mets game 6/23/08

Friday, June 20, 2008

Other Children at the Playground

So, I am At the playground with my kids after school. We ALWAYS have to deal with Other Peoples Children. I teach my children that we share the space at the park with other children.

My daughter comes up to me and tells me a little 3 year old is shoving her hard in the stomach. My daughter is rather tolerable of other children. I raised her to understand not every body's parents teach good manners. I address the mother at the playground. Her reaction was a blank stare. Like what do you want me to do? So I walk away and let it go. Not even 10 minutes later my son comes over and tells me the same story.

Again, My son is even more tolerable of other children. So, again I address the mother.Telling her that again your child has aggressively touched my other child. I also way trying to tell her that her daughter was fake crying to make it like something happened to her. She proceeded to tell me her 3 year old said it wasn't her it was someone else.

Do you think she took her child to the side and talk to her? NO! She took her to the ice cream truck and rewards the behavior. I just don't get it. How is she going to learn to keep her hands to herself if she doesn't receive some form of discipline?

The best is yet to come... They are leaving the park and her friend says to me
" We are leaving so your kids won't be bothered by her."

Sure leave and don't teach your child anything! Hey folks... these are our future adults.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I Just Don't Understand People

I just don't understand people...

Let me start by saying , This isn't personal to any religion. I was in Brooklyn today with my kids. We were painting a wall on Myrtle ave , off of Spencer. It is a mix community. The orthodox Jewish people share the area with Hispanic people African Americans,& Caucasians. That is all good and dandy.

I notice a little Jewish girl get dropped off from the school bus on the corner. I look around no parent to be found. She couldn't have been any older than seven. I comment to my friend about it. He tells me that is normal around there. That nobody would dare to touch that child. That the orthodox feel safe in their community . I just couldn't understand.

Do child molesters ask what religion you are before hurting them? So I try to let it go. Then i take my kids for a walk for pizza. We are walking down Myrtle ave and there is like 10 more children under the age of 9 playing outside with no adults in sight. Two more maybe 4 & 6 years old crossing the street alone. SICK.... I mean it is just SICK !

For those who don't know Myrtle ave in Brooklyn it has a lot of traffic on it.

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Even my own children couldn't understand. I asked them What they thought about it. They couldn't comprehend why a parent would leave their child in a vulnerable position. They are grateful I am always around.

Top Ten Items To Have on Your Baby Registry

I started having kids way before my friends did . I had to learn a lot on my own. I wasn't able to call and ask my girlfriends what products to have or what do i put on my registry. One thing i have learned that every year they come out with better products than the year before.
Regardless of what they change you will still need to register for the staple items.
Here they are:

The top ten items you'll need:

  1. Diapers/Wipes -It always helps when they know what brand you like
  2. Bottles - You'll want to make sure you use one brand it is easier for the baby
  3. Car seat- doesn't have to be the carrying kind -Infant toddler can sit reverse
  4. Crib- If you are getting a used one, you might consider a new mattress
  5. Stroller- make sure it is easy to open and close
  6. Diaper bag- make it dad friendly
  7. Pack and play - this is great for travel .
  8. Swing/ bouncer - great when they are newborn to free your hands
  9. High chair - in a blink of a eye they are ready to start eating
  10. First aid kit/ grooming kit -Comes with all the things you'd never think you'd need
I can really list 50 most important thing. Kids can never have enough. Make sure you are practical when making your registry. Not everybody is looking to buy you expensive gifts . Put things in different price ranges on there. Most importantly Don't get to carried away,you want to receive the important items.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Careless Parents

So , I am dropping my kids of at school this morning. A child goes to the door of the school crying. He is looking for his mommy. This child is in kindergarten. For about 5 min we all are trying to figure out why is he alone? The parent seemed to be nowhere around. Careless Parent! She was busy chatting with someone.

Back to my blog yesterday, This child could have been scooped up and taken away. I live in a community where there are known listed sex offenders. It comes to my surprise that they are
allowed to live that close to a school. Just last month a man had fondled a child at the ice cream truck. He was arrested. Because he had no prior arrest he was aloud to go home. His home is the first building next to the school. How sick is that.

You can easily find out if you have register sex offenders in your area. http:// I live in NY so i can also look at

Monday, June 16, 2008

Abduction. It is real!

Do parents realize abduction is real? What age is okay to walk yourself to school? Should your kids walk behind you? Do you really trust the people your kids are left with?

Are your kids educated on the subject? They offer tons of programs for at home and school. One of my favorite dvd's is The Safe Side on Stranger Safety.

As a parent I feel it is never to early to inform your children that there are bad people in the world. I didn't just tell my kids once either. A few times a year, I sit my kids down and talk with them about Strangers.

At my kids school a few parents got together and decided to test the kids out. They had a stranger come into the school park to see who would leave with HER. They did a woman because people usually people assume it would be a man. Do you know 11 kids tested 11 kids failed. My kids weren't at the park that day but I would put my life on it that they wouldn't have left.

We shared the results with the school principle and she had a 2 programs brought into the school the following week. One was geared just for the really young kids. The other was for the whole school. They also had a program at the P.T.A meeting so the parents would know what the kids are being told. Then The board of ed had Playing it Safe .The national award winning non-profit safety program for the kindergarten classes.

I hope this made you think.
Talk to your kids .

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Manners and Morals

Are Manners and Morals a lost art?

I find that todays children aren't being raised with the manners and morals of yesterday.

Growing up, I was taught there was a time and place for everything and everything had a time and place. You respect your elders. You say please and thank you .It seems to be a dying art.

I am a mother of two children. I have a daughter that is 8 1/2 , My son is 6.

I am often told how wonderful and exceptional my children are. I have also been asked if i am a strict. I wouldn't go as far as saying i am strict, As much as children need to be taught behavior. I teach my children manners and morals that they should live by for the rest of their lives.

I think parents forget that behavior is taught. The way you eat, speak , act interact with others. When you see a child and you are blown away by their behavior, I see it as a reflection of what they are taught at home. I am proud of my children ,they represent my husband and I well. I can take them anywhere for any reason and don't ever question what their behavior might be. They know at home we can let loose. When you are out represent yourself with respect that you want to receive and that is what you will be given.

I am very active in my children's school and I am floored by the lack of self respect the children have. How can i expect them to show me or the school staff any respect when they haven't been taught to respect themselves.
When are the parents going to step up?