Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tattooed Mommy

I see everyday people judged on what they look like. I love tattoos . Just simply love them. I have been getting tattooed for about 15 years give or take a few. Every one I get seems to get bigger and bigger. Nobody really can see most of mine. They all tell a story. The only on that everybody see on the regular is the one on my back. That is my family tree. The butterflies are my husband and myself. The caterpillars are the kids. In this picture I am getting the whole tattooed reworked. I had  it done in sections to begin with.

Soon enough I will have tattoos that people will be able to see . I have plans on getting my arms full sleeved. In case you don't know what that means , my whole arms will be covered with art work. My Brother from another mother does most of my art work. (I guess that is why I became so addicted).

I hope for my kids that they don't judge them because of me. My son wishes I wouldn't get anymore. He thinks it changes me. I had explained to him that I waited my whole childhood to be able to have the freedom to express myself. One day he will have the same freedoms to what he wishes with his body.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Aigner Chocolates

            Today I was driving down Metropolitan ave in Queens, New York. We were headed to Trader Joe's . On the way there my husband noticed a old chocolate store. We love candy stores like that. So, On the way home we stopped in. 

The smell as soon as you walk in the door. Ah , The sweet smell of chocolate. You can tell that the store had been there for years. I asked It was 78 years old. The owner came out and greeted us. He was so friendly it felt as if we knew him for years.

They had old school toys there . They had other candy besides chocolate. Like Swedish fish and Sour gummies. The store was getting ready for the holiday season. I guess Thanksgiving kicks off the holiday cheer. If your even in Queens , drop by it is worth the trip.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Love being able to go on school trips.

We went to one of the oldest Buildings in College Point Queens . It is call the Poppenhusen . It was built in the late 1800's to serve as a town hall. The First free kindergarten was in that building in the 1900's. There is a lot of history in this building. It holds lots of energy. If you look at my pictures you can see orbs in several of them. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I love being a aunt !

It is one of the most incredible things to be in the world. I love being a mother. Nothing tops that. But... But when your sibling has a child . It is amazing. I love my nephew. He is really bright. I know he is really young. I just can tell. He is something special. 

Sunday, October 26, 2008

New School - Amazing memories

Creating new memories...

Making new friends...

  We started a new school this year. It was the best thing I ever did for my kids. This school is amazing. They really allow the kids to have a enjoyable school year. 

They have a garden that they grow edible crops. They created a harvest festival around the garden. All the grades create a scarecrow to represent a topic they are learning. Then they bring the scarecrows into the garden. They then put pumpkins in the garden , enough for the whole school to go pumpkin picking. 

That same week they have there Halloween party. It is a fund raiser for the school. It was sold out early this year. I understand why. The kids had a blast. They set up games for the younger kids to play . They have a haunted tunnel . They had a DJ, playing all the kids favorites. 

I am grateful that my kids can experience a great school and create amazing memories.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bahamas is a great place to take the kids

I took my kids to the Bahamas. We stayed 5 nights 6 days. It was the most incredible time.  We stayed at the Atlantis resort. It is extremely a child friendly vacation spot. 

I had gone there for a conference. During the hours I need to spend at the conference I was able to put the kids in a camp. It was hard for me at first. I never had left my children in a foriegn place with out me. I am very protective of my children. Well , My kids loved it. They were great with the kids. They couldn't wait to go back the next day. 
They went on adventures .They even took them to the pool. The play ground in the water was the kids favorite part. Every 5 minutes or so the big bucket will tip over and splash down on everybody.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

How do you teach kids to eat well... You let them cook with you

People ask me all the time , How do you get your kids to eat so healthy. There are many reasons why my kids eat the way they do.I give them healthy choices:

When you give them healthy choices you leave them not much of a choice . I do not keep junk in the house. By junk I mean HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP!  My kids understand if that is a ingredient in there food it can't possibly be healthy. A lot of chips have MSG in it as well. As I recall there is nothing healthy about MSG either. 

  • I teach them to make healthy choices:
  It is just as important to teach them to eat healthy , I need to teach them to also make healthy choices when they are out. I have given my children the ability to understand to have something unhealthy once in awhile is okay. So when they are out to not make themselves so crazy. Sure they will pick juice over water , but they will never pick soda over juice. 
  • I do not allow them to drink SODA! :
Soda is like a poison to children. There is nothing good about it. There is not a thing that is nutritious about soda. So why even introduce it to a child at a Young  age. If you are one of those parents that have already got there child hooked , there are healthy alternatives of soda at the health food store.

  • Let them help you cook:

This will show them hands on the importance of what you put in your body. You are what you eat. It is great too for picky eaters. When they are cooking the meal they are more likely to eat it.  It makes a nice time to bond as well.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

New York Aquarium

We had a amazing day at the New York Aquarium . We saw sting rays and sharks. We watched as the walrus was fed. We showed up in time for the last show in the Aqua theatre. That is where they teach you a little about how to help the wild life.  And the Sea lions preform for us.

The kids love going there, After we walk on the board walk. We head down to Nathans . The kids ask if this is the same Nathan's that has the hot dog eating contest . The contest that we watch every 4Th of July. With pleasure I tell them yes.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

After school activites


 How important is after school activities? I used to think that it was important to put my kids in swimming, Gymnastics, Dance etc.  Now I feel different about it. I don't think it is as important to engage in all those activities. My children have enough to do with going to school and doing homework . Not to mention the abundance of state and city exams they are given . They don't really need the added pressures of a after school activity.

                      My kids are homebodies. They don't watch any T. V. During the school week , so it is not like they sit home and be zombies. They use their imaginations. That to me is a priceless tool I am giving them for life. 

                     You see, A big imagination will help them dream big. When you dream big you set yourself up for success. They are taught that they can have anything they dream up . They just have to set their minds on achieving their dreams. All our biggest life achiever knew how to dream big.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Cast Your Belly

                   It was so much fun to cast my belly when I was pregnant. At 8 months my mother helped me cast my belly. We bought plaster of Paris casting strips . I used Vaseline on my belly and chest so that the cast wouldn't catch on the the peach fuzz on my skin. It took all of about 20 minutes and the cast was done. It hardens up really fast. 
                  After I did it for my daughter and loved how it looked , I did it for my son. It is funny to see how different I was for my pregnancies. My kids love that they can see what my belly looked like when they were inside me. I have them hanging over my bed . 


I have done it for friends and they love it. It is a great memory. One of my friends used it for her friends to sign at her baby shower. Some people get a picture painted on it. I have always wanted to have them bronzed. 

Friday, September 12, 2008

Thermos foogo ... reusable sippy cup


It is truly important that the cups that your kids are drinking out of are safe and reliable. I found that Thermos Foogo is a great product. It is made from BPA free materials. Keeps contents cold for up to 6 hours. Soft spout and easy to sip from. Spill proof. It is dishwasher safe as well. 

I think you will truly be happy with this choice. You can purchase one on http://www.reusablebags.com

Monday, September 1, 2008

Long Island Children's Museum -LICM

We really enjoy the LICM . We have been going to the museum since it had opened . We used to go more often when my kids were toddlers. They have some really great toddler programs. That is when i had purchased the membership. It was worth every penny. We would visit at least once a month sometimes twice. We live in queens . I have to say it is only a 15-20 minute trip with no traffic. It is worth checking it out!

Long Island Children's Museum

The kids get to use their imagination. You can be there for hours. There really is so much to do. It is a very hands on museum .It really is fun for the entire family !

Mason loves that he can hear different sounds in the music rooms. 

The bubble area is a big favorite of mine. I love bubbles.

Now that the kids are older , We go to the museum several times a year. My kids look forward to it every time. The best part is that they are constantly updating the museum.  It is very exciting when we get to play with something new. This trip we got to play outside. They have a beautiful out door play and explore area. I love the water painting on the framed pieces of slate. The kids loved the new water area . 

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Meebas

Kids love the newest craze. My daughter is going to be 9 next week. She got a gift card to Toys R Us. First thing she wanted to do was head to the store and get the new toy she saw on T.V. I think she saw the commerical once. But with the DVR she recorded it. 

That is all she wanted. We went to Toys R Us and they only had 2 left. They were all banged up. We headed over to Target. They also had only 2 left. They were in better condition. We got one! She hasn't stopped playing since we picked it up.
 She already wants to get a second one!  She opened this one in 24 hours!!!


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Back To School

My kids so do not want to go back to school. They have been home with me all summer. My son especially is having a hard time. He is so attached to me . I feel bad , but not bad enough  to home school him. I told him I would pack a picture of me in his school bag. It is I think especially hard because they are starting a new school. 

I need to have them change schools. We are trying to move into a house and it didn't happen before school started. I promised them they wouldn't have to go back to the school they were in last year. The school had went from a elementary school to a P.S./M.S. School. The kids in the older grades have no manners nor morals. The language in the yard is barbaric

I know life works out the way it does for a reason. I know they are going to enjoy there new school.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mason's First tooth came out!

My baby is growing up. Last night my husband calls me to tell my that Mason's tooth has come out. My heart broke. I thought I would be home for that. I hate missing out on moments like that.

Mason's first tooth came out!

Funny thing about it is when the tooth first go loose, Mason cried. He told me that he didn't want his tooth to come out. To him it meant he is growing up. He doesn't want to grow up. He tells me he wants to live with me forever. With his eyes welted up with tears. Then he asked " will the tooth fairy bring me a Webkinz?"

Monday, August 11, 2008

Diary Ice Cream Vs. Soy Ice Cream

I love ice cream. Since I have taken dairy out of my diet I feel amazing. I do miss ice cream. Once in a while I will treat myself. I usally regreat having it. I found a great solutuion. Soy ice cream. You'd never know the difference. Purely Decandent is my favorite brand.

I even got my kids hooked on it. They have tons of flavors. It 
cost the same as if you bought a pint of haggen daz. They offer coupons on their site.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Are You Paying Attention To What Your Children Are Seeing


I had a conversation with a little boy the other day. He is 6 years old. His parents and I share a garage together. I haven't seen him in awhile. I asked him how he is doing. Then I told him to tell his parents I said hi. He continued to tell me that is his mom's friend over there with his mom. Then he tells me they do nasty things together. WOW ! I was so taken back by that. I didn't ask for details ,because really I was afraid to know. 

Are You Paying Attention To What Your Children Are Seeing?

For sure these adults are not paying attention to what they exposing this child to. I have a 6 year old as well. I understand he has one eye and one ear on my at all times. Even when I think he might be sleeping or preoccupied . There is still that chance he knows what is going on. 
Are parents forgetting to protect there children from themselves. Sometimes we do things that are fine to adults. There are also lines we don't need to cross with our children. We ask ourselves why are the children of today growing up so quickly ? Reasons like exposing them to adult like behavior at a young age is the answer. Children mimic what they see.

What are you showing your kids?

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mason on NY1

Mason made his debut at the zoo. We try to make Mondays family fun day. This past Monday we ventured off to the Central Park Zoo. Little did we know it was the 2oth birthday. One of our favorite news stations happened to be there. NY1 was taking interviews of the children. Mason seemed to steal the show. As a family we were so excited. We couldn't wait to get home and record it. The best part is we can now share it with the world. 

Mason on NY1

Sunday, August 3, 2008

a Group of Like Minded People

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Life is a Blessing

                                     I am so excited to share in the birth of my nephew Michael Henry. He was born july 29th ,2008.
Life is a Blessing . 

Sunday, July 27, 2008

It is important to stay home and raise your own children

It is very important to not loose touch on what life is all about. 
It is important to stay home and raise your children. 

       Today Parents are on the go. Everybody wants to have a family . It just seems that nobody is willing to make some sacrifices in order to have a successful one. Family is more than just being a husband and wife and having children . You each have a career that is very successful. Or maybe you both need to work in order to pay the bills. Neither one of you are willing to comprise what you call your dreams. Putting aside that the true dream is to be that family.

   We rush , rush, rush to get  through the day to never sit down and spend time together. We forget the importance of teaching our children ourselves. When something goes wrong with your family or your children we tend to place the blame else where instead of looking in the mirror. 

   When are we going to take responsibility for our children . These children are our future. It scares me to think what is going to happen to the world if left in the hands of our children. Those children that thinks being a gangster is there big goal in life. Or the child that eats a candy and throws the wrapper on the floor . The child that in elementary school curses out his teacher in 3rd grade. Those children that are taught to hate. 

  Raise your child with love. Take the time to create them into amazing and caring humans. Remember you are instilling there habits for the future. Leave a good impression with your children and take good care of them. One day you might need them to take good care of you.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Lazy Parent Tool... Do You Use One?

  How many time do I come across a child with a pacifier  in there mouth and the child is 3 years old. At 3 do you think a child needs a baby pacifier? Of course not. It is the Lazy Parent Tool.
There is no reason what so ever to give a child a pacifier. Not when they are crying, not to sleep , not for fun. No reason except the parent is to lazy to address the issues properly.

I have 2 children . Neither one of my children had a pacifier. Guess what they survived . They learned a lot more with out the pacifier than if i had shoved on in their mouths. They learned how to calm themselves down. They learned how to put themselves to sleep. It wasn't a miracle either. A pacifier is a habit you create for your child. It is man made, Probably by a lazy parent.

A baby is given a pacifier . She is 8 months old. Today a girlfriend tells me she put extra pacifier in the crib. For what I wasn't sure. I asked her when was she going to teach her to sleep with out one. She said when she is a year old. Why wait that long i asked . She said it isn't fair to take it away. Fair to who. She is just instilling the habit .  I fell it isn't fair to have created a habit that you are going to take away when the child has grown used to it. 
Hey to each his own. If you choose to use the pacifier take it away before it becomes a habit. Books that i have read say 4 months is a good time to take away the pacifier . The baby hasn't created an attachment to the object yet. By that age the baby needs to start to learn to sooth themselves.
Remember , We didn't have kids to short cut them. Take the time to instill good habits. Bad habits start as soon as you teach them. 

Monday, July 21, 2008

Cursing in your Home: Does it affect your children

So many times i hear parents tell me that they curse at home ,but there kids know better than to repeat what they hear. Does it really affect who your children grow up to be? It sure does!

I grew up in a home that used racial slurs and curse words in abundance. Although my parents wouldn't see it that way ,that is exactly how it was. By the time I was 15 I had a mouth like a" trucker". I spoke to my parents with that mouth. Those are the same parents that said i knew better. When i got pregnant with my first child I used those nine months to retrain my self not to curse anymore. I am no saint I still slip up . I never slip up in front of my children. Their idea of a curse word is STUPID. I do explain when we go out to other peoples homes that they might hear adult words that they never heard before. I tell them there is no reason to ever have to express themselves using those words. 
I had a friend that has the foulest mouth around her kids. I had to tell her she needed to watch her mouth around my kids. She really didn't like that i asked that. My kids , i will do anything to protect them. Anyway ,she would curse towards her children as well.I know first hand that is damaging to the child for life. I told her your kids are going to end up with a mouth like yours. She said" MY KIDS WOULD NEVER TALK LIKE THAT" . Funny a year later I was on a school trip with her youngest and I heard her say that she know bad words. I asked her does she say them. She said when her parents aren't around.

You teach your children behavior. Language is part of that. They look up to you for everything. They copy everything you do. They are going to repeat what you say weather you like it or not! I starting smoking cigarettes at 10 years old. I would take my parents butts and light them up when they were out. I wanted to look cool like them. Here I am at 34 and everyday I struggle not to smoke one.    

Children follow by example:What kind of example to you give?                

Friday, July 18, 2008

How Do You Displine Your Children?

How do you discipline your children? Are you the type of parent that spanks your child? Do you just use TIME OUT? Is punishment an option?

I talk to different parents all the the time and I ask. I get mixed answers. It is not what they do that is interesting to me ,as much as why. I use punishment with my children. When they were younger it started as Time Outs. I started time outs with my kids as young as I would say a year and a half old. I decide that I would never put my hands on my children way before they were born.
I was disciplined with that type of parenting. All that did was create an angry child. I didn't learn anything but fear. Fear of my parents. I also learn that if I wanted to get someones attention or if someone wasn't doing what I wanted I could just hit them and they would listen. Really that doesn't go over to well with the person you are hitting.
I have a neighbor that uses her hands on her kids. We would walk to school with them in the morning. Her daughter was 4 at the time. On a regular basis she would smack her daughter in the back of the head. Hard enough that we can hear the sound of her hand meeting the head. It would make my kids so uncomfortable. They would ask me why? What did she do to deserve to hit like that? I told my kids just be thankful that I am not that kind of parent.

As I ask around I come to realize that there are few parents that don't use their hands on their children. That is pretty scary. Most of the parents say well that is how I was raised. Why does that make it right. I have 2 of the most amazing well behaved children. I treat them with respect I speak nicely to them . Sure I get frustrated with them. Sure it can get to the point I raise my voice. Even that I try to have more control of. It really is all about patience. I have to show discipline with my self. Everyday i make a promise to myself to carry the out most patience with my children. If I can display that with someone else children why wouldn't I do that for my own.

What is you reasoning for the way you discipline your children?

Friday, July 4, 2008

What are the laws on children abusing each other?

What are the Laws on Children Abusing each other?

Where is the line drawn for sibling fighting? When does the physically aggressive behavior become abusive?
Growing up in a home where spanking was normal lead us to believe that hitting was OK. But It wasn't OK. My brother and I took it to another level. I felt at time it was to out of control. It have given me strong feelings about hitting another person. That there are other ways to solve problems. I don't not put my hands on my children . They are not aloud to put their hand on each other nor is it tolerated in my home.
They are taught to talk it out. They are taught to respect themselves and each other.

How are children supposed to know how to deal when their parents are hitting them. You are just teaching them if people aren't doing what they like they can beat on them. I saw this first hand the last week of school at the park .There was a girl around 11 years old at the park with her maybe 4 year old brother. The little boy wet her with a water balloon. Well She grabbed him by his ponytail and swung him around. Just picture it really swinging him by his hair. I couldn't just watch. I lost it. I told her to get her hands off of him. She said" it is my brother and i can do what i want." Can you imagine what must go on in their house. I ask where are your parents . Out came another sibling maybe 14. She didn't do anything but try to keep the little boy away from the sister.

Are there laws on this matter? To me it was abuse . In a case like that do you call the police? Why was i the only parent to step up and stop it?

When is it time to wean off the bottle?

When is it time to wean your child off of the bottle? People all have a difference of opinion on this subject. The fact of the matter is there is an appropriate time. Bottle are meant for feeding. Feeding refers to food. When a baby gets a bottle you put Formula or Breast milk into a bottle. That is considered a baby's food.

OK so now that we have that established , we can move on. Once the baby moves up to other beverages we can put them into other drinking devices. such as sippy cups or sports bottles(for kids). So maybe by 6-7 months your child is drinking water. You put that into a cup. Still leaving the bottle for feeding. Not drinking. As you start to incorporate foods into the diet you will be giving less bottles.

By the age of 11 months would be the perfect time to put a stop to the bottle all together. That is the age when you would start to introduce another type of milk to your child. You would put that new milk into a cup . Maybe just have a special milk cup.That is what i did. Only milk when into those cups. By the time my kids were 1 year old they didn't even know what a bottle was.

Parents have to understand . You create habits for your children. Most of there bad habits are created out of pure laziness on the parents part. You feel bad for them they cry, it is easier to just give them the bottle. When the reality of it is they shouldn't even have it anymore. The longer you wait the harder it is on them .

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

God Parents , What does that mean?

What is the true meaning of a God parent? Have people lost sight of what it really means ? I am not sure myself. I thought it meant that you will teach and instill in the child religious beliefs. That is why most churches won't allow you to be a Godparent unless you are from the same faith.
When I had children I made my brother and his wife Godparents to them. But in the realm of life they are their legal guardians . It truly had nothing to do with religion. I guess because we don't practice one. I would just hope that when they spend time with them I know that they are instilling good morals.
Now it is my brother turn to be a parent . I asked him what religion is he raising his child. At the moment he is unsure. That is fine. I asked him what is his reasoning behind picking out a Godparent. I didn't want to take on the responsibility of that to his child if religion is involved. I do not have a not a religious family and don't want to take the responsibility to teach religion. I would love the opportunity to instill great morals and respect . So I told him if he was going to choose me it had to not be based on religion.
I also have a friend that is very dear to me. She had a little boy a year and a half ago. She cried to me telling me that she really wanted me to be her son's Godmother . The fact that her church wouldn't allow it was the reason behind it being someone else. Well , she hasn't been to church since. So didn't it really matter . She allowed a church that she doesn't attend to dictate what should be in her life. I always told her I never needed the title to be someone special in her family.
What is the reasoning behind who you pick? are Godparents important to you?

Sharing Toys at The Playground

I usually tell my kids don't bring anything to the park you don't want to share. There are times thought that they will bring something that they don't want to. I assure them that they don't have to share everything. Sharing Toys at The Playground isn't a given.

I am a very child friendly mother. I always pack extra things for the other kids to play with. I bring bubbles for my kids and extra for the others. That way nobody hounds my kids for their things. If I bring water balloons, I bring enough to share. It just bothers me the other parents don't think the same. The same kids are at the park all the time. They never bring anything with them. When they see me they expect me to have things for them to play with .

I really dislike when a kid helps themselves into my mommy bag. It is a mommy bag because that is what i had embroidered on it. That way there is no mistake . It is my bag. My children would never think to look in somebody else bag . Why don't parents teach their kids some park etiquette . Here are some park etiquette tips
  • Bring your kids some things to play with.
  • Teach them to ask before taking.
  • Don't let another parent be more involved with your kids than you.
  • Teach them not to go into someone else bag.
  • I guess manners would be a good idea. (that should be a given)
  • Bring your own snacks and drinks.
Hope this makes you think if you go to the park prepared .Or do you let your children burden someone else?

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Top Ten Ways To Teach Your Kids to be Eco-Friendly

It is very important to me for my kids to understand what it means to be an environmentalist. First i will inform them the true definition. Which is: 1 : an advocate of environmentalism
2 : one concerned about environmental quality especially of the human environment with respect to the control of pollution.

Now that we know what it means , We need to teach them how to be this.
So i have put together a list of 10 Ways to Teach your Kids to be Eco-Friendly
  1. Lead by example. If you do it your kids will follow.
  2. Recycle in your home . Make a easy area where the kids can do it themselves.
  3. Try not to throw out everything . Example: toys, old computer, clothes & movies. Some one's trash is another one's treasure.
  4. Reuse - example : unfinished notebooks from school can make great scrap paper
  5. Shop at used item stores & garage sales .
  6. Use less paper products : paper napkins & paper towels .
  7. Instead of bottled water use a reusable water bottle.
  8. Use a good Tupperware instead of wrapping your food in foil or plastic wrap.
  9. Always put your trash in the garbage .
  10. Read labels and make sure that the product you buy are Eco -friendly.
If you show and teach your children these ideas they can help save the earth.They also will have a sense of what it is like to make a difference. My kids are very environmentally aware . They don't understand why we are all not environmentally aware. I tell them never throw your garbage on the floor . The earth is our home and our house is just our room on the earth. Then I ask them : Would you throw garbage on the floor in your room?


Saturday, June 28, 2008

Kleen Kanteen is a Great Reusable Bottle

I am big on being environmentally friendly. I live in Queens, NY and really do not feel safe drinking water out of my tap. We used to by bottled water from bj's. Then i realized how much plastic i was using. I looked into reusable bottles. I researched for a week. I wanted a product that i know my water won't take on the taste. I drink filtered water. I wanted to have a crisp taste to the water. I didn't want to have an after taste.

Kleen Kanteen is a Great Reusable Product.

I came across http://www.reuseablebags.com . They have an amazing selection of eco-friendly products. I ordered four of the Kleen Kanteen 18oz bottles. There is no after taste. It is easy to clean. You can put anything from water to coffee.I
was so pleased i told all of my eco-friendly friends The next thing you know we are all walking around with our Kleen Kanteen bottles in there cool colored sleeves.

It is perfect for me when i do my lemon cleansing . I fill two of the bottles and i am good to go for the day. With the sleeve on it , it remains cold for a very long time. I am so very pleased with this product. I think it is a great gift to give.

My kids love them too. They come in all sizes. Even for toddlers. They have sleeves to fit every size bottle.